Weekly Programming Preview 6/15-6/21

starting the week off with a bit of accessory work focusing on the your grip, pulling strength, and posterior chain health. Then we will finish the day out with a long row piece with work to do on the minute as you chip away at the row
starting the day out with tempo pushing and squat work before getting into a fun interval piece. You will be working through a triplet for 3:00 intervals with 1:00 rest to keep your intensity high.
getting your hump day started with heavy pulling work on the barbell before getting into an alternating EMOM of hard sprint efforts on a cardio and stability movement.
we will begin the day with a barbell prep piece, getting as heavy as you can with an Olympic lift before moving to a long workout with a bit of barbell in the middle of some running work.
starting your day out with core, stability, and mobility work before diving into a quick triplet. Your workout will be a combination of lifting and jump roping in a triplet format.
starting your day with a fun sprint EMOM before diving into a quick bit of interval work. You will be working on some strongman stuff and a bit of plyometric work with rest each round to keep your intensity up.