Weekly Programming Preview 6/22-6/27

starting the week off with pressing strength work from the floor before getting into a long interval workout. We will be working and resting for 1:00 at a time with a cardio piece to start each working minute followed by a movement to do for max reps in the remaining time.
starting your day out with some moderate olympic lifting work with the focus on cycling a barbell at a moderate load. We will close the day out with 5 rounds of a triplet involving a run, row, and kettlebell swings.
getting back on the barbell today with higher volume squats at the heaviest weight you can manage. We will close the day out with an AMRAP incorporating a thruster and some core work.
getting your day going with a bit of core and shoulder stability paired with balance work before taking on a long chipper with the jump rope and a variety of dumbbell movements.
lots of gymnastics and dynamic stretching movements to get you warmed up today before taking on a long workout. You will be working on 5:00 intervals with a run and devil’s press combo.
starting our day out with single leg strength paired with core work. We will close out the with quick intervals pairing fast paced bodyweight movements and the bike.