Weekly Programming Preview : 6/29/20-7/5/20

starting our week off with a bit of strength work on the snatch and overhead squat before getting into quick intervals with the bike and barbell together.
getting back on the rig today for anyone who is comfortable with it! We will be working on some strict gymnastics strength for that portion of the day and pairing that with an AMRAP on the barbell. Classes will be split up to ensure that we can maintain a safe distance and wipe down equipment between athletes.
beginning our day with single leg strength and core work before diving into a cardio heavy workout. Pack your running shoes today if you have them!
more core work to begin your day! We will be diving into another cardio heavy workout with different movements and in a shorter sprint style instead of long and steady.
quick interval work today as we get back on the rig with core work and other bodyweight movements for one set of intervals. We will pair that with another couplet of intervals with a box and a bell.
closing out the week with a two round workout with running and some kettlebell work today. We will have indoor and outdoor options today so anyone wanting to get into the gym but not wanting to be inside the facilities can still join us!