Weekly Programming Preview : 7/20/20-7/26/20

starting our week off with a skill AMRAP consisting of unilateral work, core strengthening, and mobility work. We will close the day out with a longer AMRAP with running, lunging, and barbell cycling.
getting back on the pull up rig today for a bit of gymnastics strength work paired with unilateral core work. We will close out our day with some nasty intervals on the bike and box.
getting into a bit of shoulder work in the form of a mini bro session to start your day out before hopping into a longer AMRAP. The workout portion of the day will consist of shoulder stability work with a dumbbell and a pair of bodyweight cardio movements.
starting our Thursday off on the barbell with a good bit of pulling strength. We will close out the day with a couplet of biking and DB work for a fast and furious combo.
more heavy barbell work to close out the work week with an opportunity to get heavy in the first and second portions of the workout today. We will start by building up to a heavy weight in a clean and jerk before staying at a heavy weight for the workout in combination with jump roping to get your heart rate up while still getting strong.
finishing out the week with a long chipper full of cardio and weightlifting.