Weekly Programming Preview : 7/13/20-7/19/20

starting our week off with a strength and technique work on the barbell in the form of a clean complex. We will close out the day with a quick couplet pairing the rower with a fun med ball movement variation!
we are sticking with the barbell to start class today, this time with a bit of pressing strength work. We will close out the day with interval work with 1:00 of max reps on three movements with rest between each round to keep your intensity up.
starting our hump day off with skill work for your core before moving on to an intense cardio piece. We will be working through a longer stint on the bike with work to do every other minute to break up the monotony.
starting our day off with skill work focusing on single leg strength and shoulder stability. You will close the day out with a quick benchmark workout pairing the jump rope with a core movement.
after a quick workout on Thursday, we are closing the week out with a pair of cardio pieces. You will start off with some shorter running intervals before getting into a couplet with the rower and a burpee variation that you can split up any way you want.
finishing out the week with a bit of skill work to start out the day before jumping into a pair of quick AMRAPs. Both of these will combine a lighter barbell movement with a quick gymnastics movement for an intense start to your weekend!