CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 9/26-10/2

Beginners Clinic: October 15th at Monon 12:00-1:30pm Intermediate Advanced Clinic: October 20th 6:00-8:00pm (must have 5 pull ups and 5 dips to attend) Sign up for these FREE clinics by enrolling in the event via your Front Desk account. Let’s get strong and gymnasty! Monday: start your week off with some jumping fun to prepare for today’s strength work. This will be followed up by a classic benchmark lady that we do not hit very often. That means lots of PRs since it will be a first time for many going after this! Tuesday: Greg Glassman has deemed part 1 of today to be the greatest exercise one can do for their abs. Get ready to feel that belly pump. Your workout will involve a nice gymnasty movement paired with the use of our new stock of dumbbells. Wednesday: today’s workout is a classic combination of endurance and strength. Be prepared for a run and some barbells. Thursday:  today will start off with some activation of the often underdeveloped region of our upper back, the stuff that moves our shoulder blades! Let’s get scap jacked to start the day before moving to use those activated muscles for some good pulling work. Your day will finish off with a series of max effort bursts of some body weight movements. Friday: today will be split into a strength portion and a pure speed portion. The first part of our day will give you the chance to max out in a lift, you may want your oly shoes for this one! After that we are looking for the workout to be a series of all out sprints with recovery time in between efforts. Saturday: your week will finish off with another skill piece using our heaping pile of dumbbells before moving into a tamer version of the benchmark workout Angie. Have a fun and fit week!]]>