CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 9/19-9/25

Monday: we are starting the day off with another focused, skill warm up. You saw this warm up last week and will probably see it again in the next few weeks. The workout will be a test of your mental fortitude to keep pushing when the work gets harder but you have been given some rest. Tuesday: we will be getting some squat volume in today at lower percentages. That means the goal will be speed and activation rather than getting crazy heavy. The workout will be another mental test. Hopefully last week’s prison rules boosted your confidence for what is to come today! Wednesday: your strength piece today is all about the snatch. Please do not let that deter you. You will be working a ton on positions which can make the snatch go much more smoothly for most people. The workout is a fun and quick body weight sprint to get your mind off the barbell after snatching. Thursday:  This might be one of my favorite workouts that I have ever programmed. The workout will be the same amount of work for everyone but it can be tackled in any way that you like. Take a peak at this one as soon as you can on Wednesday night or Thursday morning so you can start strategizing! Friday: you will be doing another skill piece as part of the warm up. Some people may not get through the entire complex and that is just fine. The goal is to get quality reps for about 15:00. The workout of the day is perhaps one of the greatest workouts in CrossFit. It hits all 10 of the general physical skills in one workout (strength, speed, endurance, power, stamina, accuracy, coordination, agility, balance, and flexibility). Saturday: We will be finishing the week off with a partner chipper. Grab a friend and start your weekend off right! Have a fun and fit week!]]>