CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 10/3-10/9

Beginners Clinic: October 15th at Monon 12:00-1:30pm Intermediate Advanced Clinic: October 20th 6:00-8:00pm (must have 5 pull ups and 5 dips to attend) Sign up for these FREE clinics by enrolling in the event via your Front Desk account. Monday: today’s skill work will include some newer movements that we very rarely do in classes. Your pulling strength and shoulder stability will thank you after. The workout will have you on a barbell working on cycling, very reminiscent of prison rules but in a slightly new format. Tuesday: your strength piece today will get your squat going and really test your front squat under some fatigue. Your workout involves a lot of skilled movements. You will ease into the work to get good practice in and then have an opportunity to ramp up the intensity by the end of the wokrout. Wednesday: the main focus of the day will be gymnastics, it will be a great chance to test where your muscle up skills are at leading into our upcoming muscle up clinics. The workout piece starts off gymnasty and finishes out with some grunt work. Thursday:  getting back on the barbell today with some pulling work. The workout is meant to be very sprint like with a mix of barbells, cardio, and body weight movements. Friday: the start of the day will be strength work on your overhead movements with a fun little complex. The workout will be a nasty combination of pulling and pressing. Half of the workout will be putting your head down and just going while the other half will take a bit more concentration and skill. Saturday: happy 5 year anniversary today to CrossFit NapTown! We will be recreating the workout from the open house years ago that got everything started. Bring your friends and family along for a celebration of fitness and friends! Have a fun and fit week!]]>