Lurong Living Summer Challenge

What is the Summertime Challenge?

The Challenge is a comprehensive diet and fitness competition hosted on our online platform where you compete as an individual and for your affiliate team. The Challenge provides the tools, resources, and competitive environment you need to reach your health and fitness goals.


Tracking and focusing your diet and fitness with our online platform produces results that are simply not possible on your own.


You know where to start, how to make changes, and see exactly how much your body performance improves. The Challenge eliminates guesswork and excuses.


Sharing a common purpose will help you build relationships, grow with your box, and see even better results.


Quickly learn what you can and can’t eat when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and apply it immediately to your everyday life.

How Myriad CrossFit is involved:

We will be scheduling the workouts in classes throughout the challenge giving you the opportunity to do the workout every week! The workouts will be programmed on Friday each week beginning May 20th and following for 5 weeks after that. If you are a SWIFT member, you will be able to do the workouts at CrossFit classes at Delaware or Monon on Fridays with a special Lurong Living Punch Card. It will be the same price as the Intramural Open punch card ($40 for 5 classes). We will be making ourselves available for measurements as well. Times will be determined closer to the date of the challenge as we see how many people sign up.    ]]>