Training to run the Mini but unsure of where to start? Perhaps you have a running regiment already in place but don’t know how to compliment with accessory work. Maybe you are trying to run faster than you have in years past. 

Mini Train to Run Program:

  • Running Specific Strength Exercises
  • Mobility + Movement Drills
  • Training Plan Guidance


Myriad’s “Train to Run” program is designed to complement our other fitness programs + provide the bridge between strength training workouts + running performance. This program will benefit runners of all levels from those dabbling in running or looking to compete at a high level. Some exercises may seem basic but will leave you feeling humbled. 

This is not your typical running program. It is more than a mileage based training plan you might purchase on the internet that provides mileage leading up to race day (however it can be used in conjunction with one of these plans). “Train to Run” has three goals: 1. Provide exercises to improve running economy. 2. Improve absorbing + producing force into the ground. 3. Improve running specific fitness.

“Train to Run” includes a 10-week progressive training program designed to increase running efficiency + power. Training content will be delivered via a virtual community where questions + interaction will drive your progress. Participants will be able to upload videos of any exercises to the forum for feedback as well! Running specific strength exercises can be done at home or in the gym. Coaches will be available for assistance with training or running questions!



Date: Begins February 26, 2023, 10-week program

Where: Virtual (work on exercises at home or in the gym)

Who: Anyone training for the mini or looking to improve their running

Investment: $120/10-weeks


Meet your Coach…

Dan German

Dan has a background in strength + conditioning as well as endurance sport. A former collegiate rower, he now acts as a performance consultant for Columbia University Lightweight Men’s Rowing, a three time national champion.

Dan has been in the coaching field for nearly 15 years in a variety of settings, including personal training, performance training for rowers + for the past seven years, Olympic lifting athletes. Dan is now a USAW Level 2 National Coach + has coached beginner athletes all the way to national-level competitors.

He started his fitness career in college at Purdue University where he received a bachelors in health and fitness + a masters in Pedagogy.

His personal fitness journey started as a youth through both sport + exercises. As a teenager he played football at nearly 300 lbs + switched to rowing and endurance sports in college.