“The Stutz” Update 2023

This is part #1 of an ongoing series of blog posts to keep our staff, members, and community “in the know” on what is happening with Myriad’s impending move into The Stutz. 

It is happening! 
The journey to this point has been, let’s just say “challenging.”  With the supply chain flipped upside down and our national economy spiraling we’ve been thrown curve ball after curve ball.  Good news, I used to love the curve ball in high school! (that’s a sport-specific reference to baseball/softball for those not into sports, aka, my partner, Caitlin). 

This week (the week of January 30th, 2023) we will be receiving our final pricing for the buildout of Building G (the fitness building) and Building E (the yoga space).   Once that pricing is agreed upon it will take approximately 4-6 weeks for the city and state permits to be processed.  Once the permits are passed, both spaces will begin construction with Capitol Construction.

The estimated buildout time frame is 3-5 months.  Our target date of starting the buildout is March 1st, 2023 which puts us anywhere between 6/1/23-8/1/23 as our Grand Opening for our spaces in The Stutz.  To be safe, I’ve been calling it “sometime in July” as our official-unofficial date.

If you are wondering, why has this taken so long?  I’ll have some more details on that as we continue to update the community on this project throughout the rest of 2023. 

What I can share right now is that the team at Myriad is very excited about our future in The Stutz.  Some tenants are targeted to be up and running within the next 1-2 months with some tenants already operational onsite; Visionloft Stutz and Industrious The Stutz.

Stutz Buildout Timeline (tentative)

-New pricing from Capitol Construction: Monday, 1/30
-Pricing Review / Finalize Pricing: Week of 1/30
-Final Walk Thru: 2/3
-Permits start: 2/6
-Buildout Begins for both spaces: Wednesday, 3/1

Click here to see the new and improved “The Stutz” website to learn more.