Peter Brasovan

1. What are your current CrossFit certifications (and any other fitness/health/nutrition accreditations)?

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Power Lifting
  • Bob Takano Olympic Lifting
  • Donny Shankle Olympic Lifting
  • Force Barbell Olympic Lifting
  • B.O.X. Seminar-Ben Bergeron (owner of CF New England)
2. How did you get started with CrossFit? Peter has been doing CrossFit type of workouts since 2000. In high school his track coach had the team doing double unders, burpees, box jumps, wall walks, cleans, jerks, and many other types of CrossFit Movements. He was officially introduced to it in 2006 while in college. His college soccer strength coach challenged him and Jared to complete the 300 workout (which was considered to be a part of Gym Jones training at the time). It took him nearly 2 more years to start to understand what CrossFit truly was. He had heard of this “Fran” workout and he knew nothing of the kipping pull up. So for four week he worked on two skills multiple times a week; a thruster and pull ups. After building up the stamina to do these movements he completed his first ever Fran with an amazing time of 10+ minutes. After nearly one more year he finally found himself at CrossFit Chicago where his formal CrossFit career began. It is during this time that he met and learned from one of the leaders in the CrossFIt community, Rudy Tapalla. Rudy, the owner of CF Chicago, which is one of the first 100 CF gyms to ever open is also a long time staff member of the L1 CrossFit training team. Rudy and his team provided Peter with knowledge that will last a lifetime. During his time a CF Chicago, he met the love of his life, Shannon Denney (now Brasovan). Shannon came into a noon class one day and her and Peter partnered for a warm up. It was those “push up, high fives” that would be the beginning of CF NapTown. Peter went on to become a head coach at CF Chicago and he qualified for his first regional in 2011 (North Central). His love for CrossFit continued to grow and he would not stop talking about it. After many months of badgering his friends about it, Jared Byczko finally decided he had heard enough and needed to give it a try himself. He had been doing many of the WODs on his own, but he had never been to a “BOX “at that time. Once Jared started he was hooked. After a few weeks and meeting Shannon a few times, Jared started talking about the reality of opening our own box. Jared knew Shannon was the one for Peter, so he needed to convince her it was a good idea to open a BOX and he would have Peter on board. It did not take much convincing and in June of 2011 CF NapTown was conceptualized. 3. Athletic background and achievements:
  • 2014 CrossFit Games team Competitor
  • Finished top 60 in “The CF Open” four years in a row (2011-2014)
  • Four time CF Regional Competitor (2011 individual, ’12-’14 Team)
  • CF Crown Point Holiday Throw down 1st Place 2012
  • 4 Year Varsity Soccer Starter High School (goalie)
  • 4 Year Division 1 College Scholarship Soccer Player (IUPUI)
  • -Captain 2008
  • 6 time Summit League Defensive Player of the Week
  • IUPUI Top 100 Student 2007
4. Favorite workout? Nate-Hero WOD, Most gymnastics dominated WODs, Air Force WOD 5. Least Favorite workout? Eva, Cindy, Helen]]>