What Peloton is Missing

Between Peloton, Mirror, and other emerging tech companies, there’s no denying a current trend in technology + fitness and working out at home. What may not be as obvious is that these tools (and your home gym set up in general) are today’s version of the Bowflex and P90X – they’re fun and shiny for now, but pretty soon the buzz will wear off.

Working out at home might seem like a big time-saver at first. You don’t have to drive anywhere, you can control your schedule, and you can pick the exact workouts and movements you take on. You’ll get into a routine, burning calories by repeating what’s comfortable and familiar. The problem is that no one sticks with this long term, which actually ends up COSTING you time and progress in your fitness journey.

Pelotons are already popping up on Facebook Marketplace, and those who don’t sell their bikes end up with a really expensive clothes hanger. Why? Most people are not disciplined enough to sustain a long-term home fitness routine on their own. What does stick? Accountability through community and coaching.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t put yourself through school by going to the library and reading textbooks on your own. You went to a physical place where you had teachers guiding you through the curriculum and correcting you when you needed it. You had peers surrounding you for both the academic push and the social interactions. We are social beings. Even those who identify as introverts need to be around others – connecting with others face to face is built into our DNA.

At Myriad, we’re using our decades of collective experience to program and coach you through classes that bring the intention and intensity that you simply won’t have at home. Diversity in programming, real-time coaching feedback, and pushes from your fellow members are what will ultimately make you a better athlete. You’ll progress a heck of a lot faster because of this.

When you’re chatting with others before and after a workout and have people that genuinely care about what’s going on in your life, you experience a connection that can’t be made through a screen. When there’s a “see you tomorrow!” or “have a great vacation this weekend!” exchanged at the gym, there’s a sure sense of accountability.

This is what Peloton and many other companies are missing—and it’s what we pride ourselves on.

Content inspiration provided by Chris Plentus at CrossFit Kanna.