Yoga Pose & Focus : 8/30-9/5

“Always remember your focus determines your reality.” – George Lucas

Theme: Dharana & Dhyana
The 6th & 7th limbs of the 8-limbed yogic path are all about focus and sustained concentration, specifically regarding meditation. Offer yourself a few minutes at the end of your practice(s) this week to give seated meditation a whirl! Find a comfortable seat, become aware of your breath & then focus all your concentration on the rhythm of inhale/exhale. 

Flow Pose: Parsvottanasana
Pyramid pose is likely one that you see often in classes, BUT how often do you really tune into the details? Get Virgo level precise this week as you play around with placement of your feet, hips, hands, etc. 

Restorative/Yin Pose: Half or Full Frog
Struggle with external hip rotation? Yeah, don’t we all (grumble). Frog pose will allow you to leverage gravity as your new BFF and really get into the hips and adductors. Do yourself a favor & grab a blanket to pad your knees!