CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/18/19-11/24/19

Monday: getting the week started with a benchmark hero workout full of gymnastics movements and a very heavy barbell. We will use the start of the day to prepare you for the heavy pull and help you build to your weight. Tuesday: back on the barbell today for strength work, this time with a pressing movement. We will move into a triplet for your workout today featuring dumbbells and jumping work. This will be more of a sprint workout after Monday’s longer test. Wednesday: more strength work for your hump day, working into squats today. You will be taking on a tempo variation to focus on control of your movement and explosiveness as you finish. Our workout today will be a triplet with 100 reps of each movement. You will be able to decide for yourself how you wish to break it up to be as fast as possible. Thursday: getting into gymnastics and power work to start out your Thursday. You will finish the day out with intervals on the rower focusing on pacing and sprinting at different points throughout the intervals. Friday: working on our Olympic lifting to start the day out before moving into a couplet to close out the week. We will put our practice to the test in your workout with heavy olympic lifting in your workout paired with the jump rope. Saturday: getting into some accessory work to start the weekend off with core and mobility as the focus before moving into a team workout. One partner will always be working on accumulating reps while another is performing an isometric hold and a third teammate is resting. Have a fun and fit week!]]>