CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/25/19-12/1/19

Monday: getting the week started with a bit of pulling strength work before moving into a fun couplet interval piece. We will be playing with a barbell movement paired with a gymnastics movement in a quick sprint format with a longer recovery to keep your intensity levels high. Tuesday: starting the day off with a bit of skill work to prepare you for higher level gymnastics coming later in the day. Today will be a triplet format workout with dumbbells, jump rope, and difficult gymnastics in an AMRAP. Wednesday: back to the barbell to begin your hump day! We will be working up heavy in an Olympic lift before using that same lift paired with burpees in a fun and challenging couplet workout to finish the day off. Thursday: happy Thanksgiving NapTown! We will have MOVE classes at 922 and Monon today that will be full of cardio and bodyweight movements to get you moving and grooving before your Thanksgiving dinner. Friday: more MOVE classes today with the holiday weekend. Today we will be working on a chipper with a partner with work to do every two minutes to slow you down and get you upside down. Saturday: back to regularly scheduled classes today with accessory work to start the day out. We will get into a lot of core work in this part of the day before moving into an AMRAP with a moderately heavy barbell and some gymnastics. Have a fun and fit week!]]>