CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/18/19-2/24/19

Monday: starting the week off with a long workout based off of a few classic CrossFit benchmarks. Today is all about scaling to your individual skill level and getting a great sweat in. Be ready for a mix of cardio and body weight movements! Tuesday: getting the day started with weightlifting technique in the form of the split jerk. The goal will be consistency for athletes newer to the split jerk and athletes with more experience will be asked to challenge their coordination and balance. Your workout for the day is a mix of a heavy barbell and bodyweight work for spicy intervals. Wednesday: Last retest after our strength cycle today with the back squat. If you want to hit a big number, then be smart about your volume and training on Monday and Tuesday so you come into today with fresher legs. Your workout will be an open retest of one of the oldest open workouts out there before we dive into the 2019 Open on Friday. Thursday: today will start off with accessory work with pulls, dips, and split squats. Your workout today is a classic CrossFit couplet with the rower, med balls, and a barbell in the form of a longer AMRAP. Friday: first workout of the 2019 open! We will not know the workout until 8:00pm when it is announced by CrossFit. We will run the workout in classes during the day and then run heats starting at 5pm downtown, and 5:35pm at Monon. Do your best to let us know ahead of time if you would like to participate in a heat on Friday nights, your answer can change from week to week! Saturday: our Saturday workout will start with some skill work and then end with a sweaty partner workout. Have a fun and fit week!]]>