CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/11/19-2/17/19

Monday: reminder that we will be sharing the space downtown at 922 in the morning and during the day with SWIFT classes from 916 as the plumbing is repaired BUT we will be back to separate spaces come Tuesday. After weeks of putting in work on the strength cycle, we will be retesting your deadlift to start off the week. To close out the day, we have a quick couplet to get the heart rate up. Tuesday: starting our day off with some accessory work for the hips, core, and shoulders. Our workout for the day will consist of a variety of squats and a body weight movements. Wednesday: back to the strength testing today with the push press. Come in with a goal and the mindset to crush it! Your workout today will feature some gymnastics work and cardio for a triplet with a focus on movement quality. Thursday: more accessory work to start the day with unilateral upper and lower body work to ensure you are balanced athletes. Your workout today will be a play on Linda with a partner. Come in ready to move some weight! Friday: your first workout of the smackdown will be going down today in all CrossFit and SWIFT classes. The workout features bodyweight and cardio movements and you will be paired up in classes to judge and count for one another, even if you are not signed up for the event. Saturday: closing out the smack down today with 3 workouts downtown. Our Monon class will still be going down with one of the workouts from the Smack Down Have a fun and fit week!]]>