CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/4/19-2/10/19

Monday: reminder that we will be sharing the space downtown at 922 in the morning and during the day with SWIFT classes from 916 as the plumbing is repaired. We will start the week off with another Open workout retest, be sure to pack your jump rope today! Tuesday: getting our strength cycle press work in to get the day started. We will close the day out with a couplet featuring the rower and and gymnastics movements of increasing difficulty Wednesday: after 2 shorter workouts to start the week off, we will spend our Wednesday working on a long chipper using various kettlebell movements. Thursday: getting our lift on to begin the day with a clean and jerk complex for some olympic lifting technique work. That will help build into our workout featuring the barbell and the bike. You will be partnered up on today’s workout, alternating through the rounds of the workout in a challenging interval piece. Friday: You will be finishing out the squat portion of our strength cycle today before closing out the week with more interval work. This workout will include the jump rope and some core work. Saturday: getting some weighted gymnastics work in to start the weekend off. We will close out the week of fitness with a partner workout featuring a light barbell and more cardio equipment Have a fun and fit week!]]>