CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 1/14/19-1/20/19

Monday: starting the week off revisiting an old open workout from 2015. We will continue to sprinkle in open workouts throughout the week until the 2019 open begins at the end of February. Get ready to look up old scores or just get yourself in the mindset to test your fitness! Tuesday: back to our strength cycle to start the day off with back squats as your movement. You will close out the hour with a partner kettlebell workout. You will have a HIGH number of rounds of a quick complex to split up between you and your partner. Wednesday: we will begin hump day with a little shoulder prep work for the lats and stabilizers. You will close out the day with a tough interval piece with two of the simplest yet most unforgiving movements CrossFit has to offer. It is a challenge to your ability to pace and keep pushing long into a workout. Thursday: some weightlifting accessory work to begin the day with the press from split to work on balance in your split position. We will close out the day with a simple couplet with a dumbbell and a rower. Friday: finishing off the sets of 5 for your strength cycle today with the deadlift. You will finish out the day with a body weight chipper that was featured recently on the main site. Saturday: finishing the week off with some nice accessory work to get your prepped for today’s workout. You last workout of the week will be a longer partner workout full of pacing and odd bodyweight movements. Have a fun and fit week!]]>