CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 1/7/19-1/13/19

Monday: starting the week off with some hard rowing for a benchmark test. We will build into your pace for the day to set you up for success on your time trial. The day will finish off with accessory work for the hips and shoulders. Tuesday: back to the strength cycle today with squats before finishing the day out with a challenging triplet. We will mix the barbell with gymnastics for a class combination. Wednesday: working with the barbell to begin the day for some olympic lifting technique work. We will close out the day with a dumbbell and the box for a fun athletic complex. Thursday: all gymnastics work for the first piece today. Our workout today will be on the longer side with lots of cardio and skill work. The focus will be on moving consistently and with great technique. Friday: push pressing on tap for our strength cycle today. Your workout is all about gymnastics and the jump rope today. Working our way up in level of skill with the gymnastics movies as the reps go down and jump roping sprinkled throughout. Saturday: Spending our weekend with a set of KBs, the bikes, and a partner. This will be a tough workout modified from this year’s Dubai Championship. Scaling will be the name of the game to make it approachable for you. Have a fun and fit week!]]>