CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 8/5/19-8/11/19

Monday: starting the week off with a benchmark hero workout that is chick full of gymnastics work. Be ready to go upside down, use your core, and jump today! We will close the day out with a little core and posterior chain accessory work. Tuesday: we will start off with strength work with squats. You will move into a challenging partner workout with dumbbell work and bodyweight fun. Wednesday: getting back on the barbell today, this time with olympic lifting technique. Come in to get in some practice! We will finish the day with an AMRAP with the jump rope between some classic barbell movements in an almost benchmark format. Thursday: you will start the day off with accessory work full of anti rotational core work and posterior chain work. You will close the day out with a longer workout with running sandwiched around a bodyweight triplet. Friday: more accessory work to start out the day with single leg and single arm work. We will finish the day out with a nasty row and squat interval piece. The goal will be to go out hard and stay with your pace. Saturday: closing out the week with a long chipper for your weekend fitnessing pleasure! Have a fun and fit week!]]>