CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 10/7/19-10/13/19

Monday: kicking the week off with strength work in the form of a press. We will then work into a fun twist on a gymnastics benchmark test for our workout! Tuesday: your Tuesday will be all about the KB with a stability and strength piece to begin before taking on a main site workout. You will be taking on a couplet recently featured on with a bit of time outside paired with more KB work. Wednesday: getting into more strength work today with a squat variation before moving into a triplet to close out the day. You will work through more squats, a push up variation, and core work for your workout. Thursday: we will start our Thursday off with a bit of barbell cycling practice as we approach the beginning of the 2020 CrossFit Open. Your workout will be a rotating EMOM of cardio movements to work on capacity and quick recovery, Friday: the 2020 Open is already upon us with 20.1 being released at 8pm on Thursday evening. We will be working through the Open workout in classes on Friday in pairs, judging and counting for one another. Saturday: getting into some skill work to start the day off with some time upside down before taking on a partner variation on a hero workout. You will alternate rounds on this fun triplet workout with weightlifting and gymnastics. Have a fun and fit week!]]>