You are Ready RIGHT NOW

I’m interested in it, but I need to get fit before I start. It’s too intense for me and I know I’ll get hurt. While I entirely understand and respect their concern, it’s important to know that there is no baseline that must be achieved before starting. Here are three reasons why you are ready RIGHT NOW.

Foundations Classes

A well-managed affiliate will require every newbie to complete an on-ramp course. These courses usually comprise of four to six classes over a two week period (formats differ amongst affiliates) where a CrossFit Certified Coach will introduce the athlete to most of the movements seen in a typical class as well as ways to scale them to current ability level. Intimidation is a common barrier we hear about and the foundations classes keeps these beginners amongst other people who are learning for the first time rather than having to feel like the newbie in a group of veterans. Once the athlete graduates from the on-ramp course, they will be familiar with these movements and have a firm understanding of their current ability with each one. This familiarity and understanding builds confidence in the athlete, allowing them to move forward on their fitness journey. randomolddude

Mechanics —> Consistency —> Intensity

CrossFit [noun] |ˌkrôsˈfit | = Constantly varied functional movement, performed at high intensity. Yes, by definition, CrossFit is intense. Although it’s one the reasons this program works so well, it’s usually the one thing that scares a lot of people. However, intensity is not even part of the equation until the athlete learns the movement with proper mechanics, and then performs the mechanics consistently. As Coach Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit says, “first, learn the mechanics of fundamental movements; establish a consistent pattern of practicing these same movements, and, only then, ratchet up the intensity of workouts incorporating these movements. ‘Mechanics,’ then ‘Consistency,’ and then ‘Intensity’– this is the key to effective implementation of CrossFit programming.” fatthennotsofat

CrossFit is Universally Scalable

Intensity is relative to the individual athlete. What’s intense for me, may not be intense for you. All movements within CrossFit are scalable based on the athlete’s level of fitness. Therefore, every single workout is scalable, as well as the intensity. Another common saying we will here is this: I’ve seen the CrossFit Games on TV. There is NO WAY I could do the things that those athletes are doing. CrossFit is not for me. 99% of the population couldn’t do what elite CrossFit Games athletes are doing. Not being able to dunk like LeBron James or dance on a soccer ball like Leonel Messi doesn’t stop people from playing recreational basketball or soccer. Not being able to do what the elite of the elite in CrossFit can do should not keep you from doing CrossFit. Every day, CrossFitters in gyms all across the world are able to do scaled versions of any programmed workout based on their own personal level of fitness. For example, say the workout of the day is the following: For time: 9 bar muscle-ups Run 200m 6 bar muscle-ups Run 200m 3 bar muscle-ups Run 200m Although the standard movement is the bar muscle-up, a scale progression would be: Level 1: Ring row Level 2: Australian pull-up (leg assisted) Level 3: Jumping pull-up Level 4: Pull-up (chin over the bar) Level 5: Chest-to-bar pull-up Level 6: Bar muscle-up Furthermore, the distance of the run, or even method (rowing, assault bike, etc) could be scaled. You are entirely ready RIGHT NOW, and with the phenomenal coaches and supportive community there is no better place than to get started than Naptown CrossFit. Contact us to get started!]]>