CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/27/17-3/5/17

click this link to register! If you are recruited by an intramural team captain, they will let me know and I will add you to that team (click here to see the current list of Intramural Teams). If you sign up on your own, I will still add you to a team and your captain will know to reach out to you. You have until 8:00pm on Monday night to sign up and submit your score for week 1 of the 2017 CrossFit Open. You have to submit the score yourself, your coach, judge, or captain cannot do it for you. Workouts will shift during the open to more skill based work and lighter weights as we see that often in the Open and we also do not want to beat you up before a mystery workout every Friday. Hope everyone had fun on week 1 and is ready to get after whatever else is thrown our way this week! Keep your eyes out on Tuesday for a post on how week 1 went for our intramural teams. Monday: we will be doing some light weight strength work this week on the minute to get the body moving and to maintain strength during the open. The goal will be to move fast and with great technique. After the strength work, we will move into an interval piece where you will perform max repetitions of each movement with rest in between attempts. Be smart about this one today if you are still beat up from 17.1. Check your ego at the door and be willing to take things easier if your body is asking for that. Tuesday: another strength piece to start the day off, again with lighter weights based on percentages of your max. The workout is an alternating EMOM, working back and forth between a barbell movement and a short run. Bring your running shoes and pack a long sleeve in case it is chilly (especially for the morning groups!). Wednesday: last bit of light weight strength work for the week. You will follow that up with a triplet of a barbell movement, gymnastics movement, and a cardio piece. Thursday: we will start the day off with some mobility work focusing on the areas that are bothering you the most before moving into your tabata workout. Each movement is light weight or body weight based. This is a workout that can be pushed hard and taken as a tough day or you can relax and work at a recovery pace to prepare for the 2nd Open WOD tomorrow! This will continue to be the theme for the weeks of the Open. Friday: 17.2! We have no idea what will be released so be ready for anything! You can watch the Open announcements live on or check in on the blog later Thursday evening or Friday morning. Saturday: we currently have a partner workout planned for Saturday involving some work upside down but this is subject to change depending on what we see in week 2 of the Open. Have a fun and fit week!]]>