17.1 Intramural Open Recap

Team Name Results: Shannon and I paired up to decide the winners of this year’s team name points 1st place (10pts): NapTown School of Liftcraft and Wizardry. Very creative and Harry Potter was an essential piece of my childhood. T 3rd place (6pts): Drunkin’ Donuts. I love donuts and alcohol is fun. Plus this has a pun. T 3rd place (6pts): Three Legged Down Doggers. I teach yoga and my fur baby has three legs. You get points for sucking up and will lose points if you do not use Tibbs as your official mascot and put him on a t shirt. T 3rd place: Sour Snatch Kids. This is the most tasteful snatch pun I have ever seen. 5th place: Tropic Like it’s Hot. I feel like I am missing a joke here and someone has to be last #sorry   17-1-9am  


1st Place: Drunkin’ Donuts 97 Points 2nd Place: Sour Snatch Kids 78 Points 3rd Place: Three Legged Down Doggers 69 Points 4th Place:  NapTown School of Liftcraft and Wizardry 53 Points 5th Place: Tropic Like it’s Hot 41 Points NOTE: scores may change slightly as the final count on Judges Course completions come in]]>