CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/20-2/27

click this link to register! If you are recruited by an intramural team captain, they will let me know and I will add you to that team (click here to see the current list of Intramural Teams). If you sign up on your own, I will still add you to a team and your captain will know to reach out to you. Workouts will shift during the open to more skill based work and lighter weights as we see that often in the Open and we also do not want to beat you up before a mystery workout every Friday. Monday: working on barbell cycling to start the day off. This is meant to be light weight and fast! Scale back the reps or the weight as needed so that you are successful. Our workout today (or second workout if you will as part 1 gets spicy) will be a fast triplet with a strict time cap mixing bodyweight and weightlifting movements. Tuesday: your first part of the day will be strength work on the snatch. There will be lots of options for this depending on your skill level and comfort with the movement. If you feel froggy and are confident in the snatch, then you can work on adding some weight. If it is newer to you, then stay light and work on technique! Your workout is a couplet of bodyweight movements with some higher reps that will slow you down but get some good volume in. Wednesday: Another day of options for your strength work, this time with the jerk. Those who are super confident will be thrown a very new challenge today to keep things constantly varied. You will finish the day off with another couplet, this time using a higher level gymnastics skill and a heavier barbell. Thursday: we will start the day off with some skill work to just get ourselves playing around a bit. The goal is not to push you too hard, but to get your body moving. The workout is a combination of running, rowing, and biking. This is a workout that can be pushed hard and taken as a tough day or you can relax and work at a recovery pace to prepare for the Open tomorrow! Friday: 17.1! We have no idea what will be released so be ready for anything! You can watch the Open announcements live on or check in on the blog later Thursday evening or Friday morning. Saturday: we are waiting to have a workout for Saturday this week to see what the Open brings on Friday! Have a fun and fit week!]]>