CrossFit For Hope Info

CrossFit for Hope is the joint effort between CrossFit and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is to raise 1.7MM – one day’s operating cost for St. Jude – to combat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Register to participate or find an athlete or affiliate to sponsor and join the fight.

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Then Log in with your CrossFit ID that you used during the CrossFit Open if you registered.  If not, then register with a new username and password and join CrossFit NapTown. 

When: June 9th Where: CrossFit NapTown What: “Hope” Workout – Beat your score from April 25th. ]]>

17 thoughts on “CrossFit For Hope Info”

  1. WoD: 31:53
    This is a tough one for those who dislike running as much as I do! BUT, this will certainly make your running/rowing stronger for next time.
    The only split of mine to make it on the board was 100m row in 0:17 in a tie with Mike W.
    Would someone please come in and beat his times so he doesn’t dominate the board?

  2. You rocked it Josh, totally catching up to the Web Machine!
    Fun workout.
    Wasn’t feeling the row today and usually that is my super fave.
    Finished in 35:39.
    Next time goal 32:00

  3. 32:48
    My PR 800m run time: 3:53
    I also rowed a 50 sec 250m – 4 sec shy of the male record for the day. So close!
    Today was the first day I felt like I could hang as an athlete! GREAT WORKOUT!

  4. i am inspired by your performance, chad! well done!
    while i feel like my rowing is slowly improving, today was a frustrating & humbling workout for me. 35:30
    next time i WILL be closer to 30:00.

  5. 34:02ish (counting was a problem for me on this one, which I guess is nothing new) subbing 650m row for the 500m row because I mistakenly thought our second row was to 750m, not 500m. (Thanks, Paige, for pointing that one out to me mid-row). I’m now adding counting + paying attention to the details of the wod to my list of skills that need work.

    1. I’m pretty sure my counting skills were those of a 1st grader. THAT was the roughest part of the workout.

  6. Finished in 35:09 but screwed up the counting between the 400 and 200 m runs and rested for an extra 9 seconds. All in all, I’m rather impressed I kept track of all of that!

  7. 32:00 – I was in the group that did the running first, I surprised myself with the rowing numbers I was able to hit after running.
    My rowing lungs are finally coming back:)

  8. 36:28 – Jamie, can you just be my personal cheerleader any time I row?! Made a world of difference on those last two rounds. Thanks for the push!!