Sorry, no yoga tonight, closed Friday-Sunday

Reminder-we are closed this weekend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for Regionals. On Thursday we will not have Fundamentals or an Intro Class.

We will have a 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm class on Thursday with a new programed workout for this week only. 

We also will give you a list of WODs you can do this weekend at home with minimal equipment.

Today’s Workout

Skill: 3 Rounds 2-3 rope climbs (or learn rope climb) 3-:30 second plank holds (forward, side, and other side) Max Bar Hold 225lbs or 135lbs or 95lbs what ever you can dead lift. (max 2 minutes) WOD: 18 min AMRAP 4 tuck jumps 8 push ups 12 push press (75/55) 32 Air Squats Post-Foam Roll]]>

18 thoughts on “Sorry, no yoga tonight, closed Friday-Sunday”

  1. Fun skill set today!
    225# hold for 0:45
    WoD: 9 rounds + 10 Air Squats. A tough one, but keep pushing through!

  2. Skill:
    3 rounds
    2 rope climbs
    3x30sec planks
    bar hold 225# – 20sec on 1st, 26sec on 2nd, and 22sec on 3rd
    RXed – 10 rounds even

  3. 3 rds of 2 rope climbs, different plank holds, and 225 bar hold. i was not impressed with my ability on the bar hold (i didn’t time it).
    WOD: 9 rounds plus 12 push press

  4. Made it farther up the rope today than ever! That white flag is mine!
    195# max hold was :58
    Plank hold power!
    6 rounds + 2 push presses.
    Although I think I might have only done 5 rounds. But my hash marks said 6. Can we check the video? 😉

    1. I’m pretty sure Coach Jared was keeping track of everyone at once, so you could have asked him. “What rep/round am I on!?” is his favorite question…it would have made his day!

  5. I didn’t use the mix grip on the deadlift hold to work on my grip strength, did 3 rounds of 30 seconds.
    Did 9 rounds plus 8 push-ups and really stressed technique. I went slower to make sure I was doing the movements right.

  6. 9 rounds + 5 pushups rx’ed!
    today’s WOD was a nice ‘pick-me-up’ after yesterday’s row/run torture.
    looking forward to the shannon & martin show tomorrow!!!

  7. 5 Rounds – 10 Air Squats
    (scaled 55# bar)
    That was tougher than I expected. My right shoulder was really giving me a hard time on that Push Press.

  8. First attempts at rope climbs today! I’m officially adding this to my list of things I ‘m determined to conquer(hah, right after pullups and those horrid wall balls).
    Deadlift hold at 135# – first try was 1:20ish. I got serious about it on the 2nd and 3rd tries though and made it to 2:00 both times(mostly because I was standing behind Butch, who was making 225# look ridiculously easy and that made me think I should be trying a little harder).
    WOD: 8 rds + 6 pushups

    1. Thanks for saying that I made it look easy! I can tell you holding 225 for 2 minutes was not easy. Good Job on the 2nd and 3rd attempt! Way to push yourself!

  9. Skills:
    2 failed rope climbs <– I really need to work on these so I stop getting flustered when I try to go up.
    Dead lift holds = made it to 125# and held on for 30 seconds.
    6 rounds + 3 push presses with the 25# bar

  10. Skills:
    Made it farther up the rope than ever before! Still only a few feet or so off the ground, but that’s progress!
    DL holds – 135#, 40s max
    5 rounds + 1 push press (45#)

  11. Skills:
    Rope climbs: managed to hold myself and swing for like 5 seconds. This is a marked improvement in my rope skills ability!
    Deadlift: 225# 52seconds and 30 seconds; 1 round at 135# at I think 2 minutes
    6 rounds and 10 push presses
    55# push presses and modified push-ups on my knees to work on push-up form; still trying to compensate for my obvious genetic abnormality of missing arm muscles. 😉

  12. 2 min. hold at 135lb. Still working on my foot work on the rope climbs. Did 5 rounds + 4 push ups with a 65lb. bar.