Fill out the SURVEY! it is for the betterment of the gym!

Survery Feb2012 Click Here Today’s workout: Work on skills for the WOD Air Force WOD (14 minute Cap) start with 4 burpees and do 4 burpees ea min on min 20 Thrusters (95/65 for all movements) 20 Sumo Dead High Pull 20 push jerk 20 OHS 20 Front Squats post-2 min dead hang hold]]>

43 thoughts on “Fill out the SURVEY! it is for the betterment of the gym!”

    1. I’ve been waiting for this remark all morning long!! I am guilty of the 6am speaking before thinking.
      What I meant to say was “this is a tough workout therefore has a time cap that will be strictly enforced” but thanks for calling me out Kim. 🙂

      1. Haha, Jared you know we only gave you grief because we’re comfortable with the atmosphere you and Peter have built. I think it speaks volumes that we all have the kind of rapport that allows us to poke a little fun here and there, but still be nothing but supportive of one another.

      2. hahaha. I only left the comment because I knew it would be bothering you! Hopefully , as Josh said, you’re not offended by the sarcasm & comments. I try to only dish it out to those who can handle it…..
        You should tell me I will fail on everything. That will push me to prove you wrong every time.
        I vote that tomorrow is Nikita’s music day.

          1. One day I put on some of my tunes which included Radiohead and The Killers and he had to keep reminding people that it was my music because he didn’t want to be associated with it… sort of ironic.

          2. Yeah, Jared, not sure what you had us listening to on Tuesday, but pretty sure at one point it sounded like the soundtrack to a Broadway musical or something.

  1. Dear 6am class- I will volunteer to leave my ipod with lots of wonderful swedish music since it was a real hit last time *wink wink.
    I propose having a blog post where everyone gets to write his/her top song so we can create a series of CFNT playlists. yes? Because the jams can really make or break a WOD in my opinion. 🙂

    1. That would be cool… We could send the actual tracks to the coaches… It’s going to be a mixed up list though… Everything from Lynard Skynard to Bone Thugs n Harmony to Deadmau5… That will be a project!!

  2. WOD, 85 lbs, 11:37
    Big thanks for Coach Peter for pushing me to just keep moving – it was real ugly there for a while…

  3. People… People… People!!!
    All of your music woes can be solved!!! I will come to your class with an instant jolt of BASS!! Straight outta Miami FL.. Super dirty, bumpin’ hard core electro BASS!!! I dj’d for like 12 years.. “wiki wiki”
    Seriously though Jared I feel your pain… For the most part, nobody likes or listens to what I listen to. I have to say though.. It has been well received @ CFNT!!! But generally people don’t dig it!
    Maybe someday when I get some gear back I can come in and throw down for a class it two… Btw I had a brainstorm the other day… Local dj’s can come spin their music while we work out… Huh huh?? Genius!!!

      1. when i proposed the playlist, i wasn’t adding a task to your to-do list jared!
        if people submit their fav songs, i will gladly assemble into the CFNT playlists!

  4. I think I got into my 2nd month at CFNT till I went the whole hour without hearing any
    C-Lo Green.
    Wish I could make it in today.

  5. WOD: Made it to 18 OHS @ 30# + weight of the training bar (which I should know, but don’t). This was a tough one for me! Had to remove 10# for the last 5 OHS.

  6. Got to 20 OHS but had to switch to the PVC. Realized as soon as I got the bar overhead for the first OHS I was in trouble! Also, I am just now regaining the ability to speak in full sentences. That was INSANE!

  7. I’m all for hardcore BASS Art. Plus it’s relatively neutral…kinda. Quick tempo, hard hitting beat/bass, few words… that type of music has all the makings needed for a successful WOD (quick tempo, hard hitting, few words).
    WOD 8:33 as rx’d

  8. GIRL TALK!!!!!! They mix everything up for you so you get a little of everything while also having your mind blown by the unexpected yet amazing mash ups, who knew salt n pepa, ludacris, and the beach boys could sound good together?
    WOD 8:47 maybe? I kind of forget…did it top gear style at #95
    games rope climb/clean and jerk wod 9:58 as prescribed

      1. whoops…i was debating between the two and almost looked it up but went with my gut. clearly my instincts failed

  9. wod at the y…
    did 45lbs
    got to 15 front squats….those OHS KILLED Me!!! oh my. my shoulders were shot from yesterday’s wod. i wanted to lower the weight bad, but i pushed through them. bonus: got to work on snatches to get that bar up. 🙂
    wanted to do 55lbs for the workout, but with those OHS there was just no way. maybe next time!

  10. What an amazing day! Great work on a very difficult WoD. It was amazing to see everyone pushing each other all day long. Keep it up! Our community is getting stronger every day .

  11. Did todays WoD with 135#’s finished in 12:57??? I think.
    Later I did the rope climb and clean and jerk WoD from the 2011 games. Did it in 6:17. Beat my old time by over 3min.

  12. TOP GUN (135#)
    20 Thrusters
    20 SDHP
    20 Push Press
    20 OHS
    20 Front Squats
    On the minute every minute 4 Burpees
    TIME= 13:56
    NOTES: HARDest WOD I’ve done in a while.