Please read important note in the blog.

To all Members: First and foremost… Peter and I would like to thank you all for spreading the word of CrossFit NapTown throughout the Indianapolis community. It is because of you we have such an amazing community at CFNT! We truly appreciate all of you enthusiasm and willingness to bring friends and family around. As we continue to grow, we will be constantly making changes to adapt to our members and our community. With that being said, Peter and I would like to politely ask that if you have friends or family interested in joining or trying a class at CrossFit NapTown to please do one of the following:

***(if they are from out of town visiting skip to number 2, if they are local go to number 1)

1) Invite them to one of our Intro/Beginner’s Classes on Thursday Nights at 6pm. This is a free class that allows beginners an opportunity to learn about CrossFit in a less intimidating atmosphere. During this class, we discuss the CrossFit methodologies, talk about the community atmosphere of CFNT, run through the “Baseline WOD,” and answer any and all questions. If they (friend or family member) CANNOT attend the Thursday class, then… 2) Please email us ahead of time if you plan on bringing them to a class so we have more than one coach available to either put them through the “Baseline WOD” or work on technique. 3) Have your friend or family member email us to set up a time in which they can come in and learn more about CFNT and be put through the “Baseline WOD.” If they (friend or family member) has done or has been doing CrossFit, then… 4) Email us with a heads up letting us know they will be coming in to a class so we are prepared. We’ve encountered many individuals who claim to be proficient in CrossFit and then have found out otherwise upon arrival. Thank you ahead of time for your understanding. We understand the passion for CrossFit is spread through word of mouth and that has allowed us to continually grow. However, using the “constantly varied” method can make some of our classes more difficult to coach and more difficult for beginners to learn. We want to positively spread the CrossFit methodologies, we also what to keep technique and safety as the number one priority in our box and do not want beginners to become frustrated or intimidated by some of the workouts we encounter.]]>

23 thoughts on “Please read important note in the blog.”

  1. HSPU: 9 rounds + 6 (with a #10 plate & ab mat)
    WOD: 6 rounds + 6 air squats
    once again, my arms are jello & I LOVE IT!!!

  2. wait a second…i just realized i actually got 7 rounds + 6 air squats! aww man! someone update the whiteboard!

  3. Swapped kick ups for HSPUs and actually DID 1! According to Jared I survived to round 4 before I tried to knock myself out on the wall. I will prevail!
    WOD: 5 rounds + 4 pullups

  4. First time trying non-box-modified HSPUs. I consider the evening a success, mostly because I didn’t knock Andrew or Merritt out with my flailing legs.
    HSPU: 4 rounds + 4
    WOD: 8 rounds + 5 pullups (blue band)

  5. As i sit here enjoying a giant piece of moist & delicious home made red velvet cake after a heaping plate of lasagna with a side of garlic bread, i think to myself, Paleo is gonna be so easy as i practically subscribe to the diet currently…  
    Death by handstand pushups were awesome! Loved learning this one. Or just enjoy hanging out upside down.  7 + 6
    6 full rounds of 1/2 Cindy
    Peter and Martin were both awesome tonight! Thanks for the encouragement and tips!

  6. Couldn’t quite push beyond the mental block of a full handstand but many thanks to Peter and Martin for all the support (pun intended) tonight! Especially for helping me prove to myself that I can actually hold my body weight up.. now I just have to figure out how to get up there!
    Month 1 goal – keep pushing myself every workout
    Month 2 goal – ditto month one but do a HDPU on my own!
    HDPU (modified with box) – 5 rounds
    WOD – 5 rounds

  7. I’m not quite sure how I came up with HDPU above… apparently acronyms are as hard for me as hand stand push ups! 🙂

  8. 5k row – 21:33.1 – legs felt like shit after the 3 wods I did yesterday (2 of them were weightlifting focused)
    HSPU: 3rds + 3 (kipping from floor)
    1/2 Cindy: 9rds + 5 pull ups

  9. Skill_HSPU 7 rounds + 3 HSPU (scaled with 45#+abmat for first 5 rounds then changed to 25# to increase range of motion)
    WOD_9 rounds + 4 pullups
    *I loved everyone’s comments on today’s post!
    Kate- you are getting stronger everyday and it shows!!!
    Leslie- always happy to have you in my workout – even if you had kicked me on the HSPU.
    Jena- I am now craving a slice of your red velvet cake! yum!