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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open CrossFit NapTown Results

Dear CrossFit NapTown,

What an amazing experience! We could not be more proud of the participation, results, and overall camaraderie shared amongst members, friends, and family during the CrossFit Open.

The Saturday Competitive Heats brought out the best in each athlete and also showed what the community of CrossFit is all about.

  • How many athletes managed new PR’s on Karen, Push Presses, Snatches, and Double Unders?

  • How many athletes would not have tried Toes to Bar at full standards or even gave a Chest to Bar Pullup a second thought if the CrossFit Open didn’t force you to?

  • How many athletes are just chomping at the bit to re-do these workouts in 6 months so you can laugh at your previous results?

So many athletes achieved much more than they ever thought manageable in such a short time of training.

This is the most amazing fact of them all. We are still 6 months young!!! Many of these boxes competing at the highest level in the Central East Region have been open for 2, 3, 4, and even 5 years. Yet, we manage to get 6th Place Overall as a team in the region.

The largest team competing in our region had 79 Members sign up for the open… not too shabby… BUT! We had 39 Members sign up… and again we are less than 6 months old… AMAZING!!!

With that being said, we have set new goals for CrossFit NapTown…

Long Term Goals Goal #1 = Largest Team in the Central East Region next year!!! Goal #2 = Qualify more than 1 team to the Central East Regional next year.

Short Term Goals Goal #1 = Team finish Top 3 in the Central East Regional this year to advance to LA. Goal #2 = Win the 2012 Central East Team Regional!!!

In the next month you may see a few members of CFNT putting in countless hours of training leading up to the 2012 Central East Regional. Encourage them… cheer them on… and most importantly push them to levels they’ve never been pushed before.

Join us this Saturday at the cookout to congratulate all those who competed in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games and give an extra special congratulations to those who will be competing as members of CrossFit NapTown at the Central East Regional taking place in Columbus, Ohio, May 11th – 14th.

Male Jared Cantrell Peter Brasovan Jared Byczko Martin Cole *Jason V qualified as an individual, but he cannot attend Regionals due to a commitment to a friend’s Wedding.

Female Anna Rode Jennifer Binkley Elyse Merchant Dana Leenheer

We could not be happier with what you have all created here at CrossFit NapTown. We only continue to get bigger, faster, and stronger while leading healthy lifestyles.

Not only do we influence one another within our CrossFit community but you are changing the lives of those around you who are witnessing the changes in YOU both PHYSCIALLY and MENTALLY.

Keep up the great work.

Yours Truly,

Peter and Jared

P.S. Please join us May 11th-14th at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH to help represent CFNT and cheer our team on to a World Championship bid.

More information can be found here…   Click the Below Link to Find how you ranked against other CFNT members.

2012 CFNT CrossFit Games Rankings

Click the Above Link to Find how you ranked against other CFNT members.]]>

2 thoughts on “Make Up Day, Mobility Day, Try a New Skill Day, Suck List”

  1. Saturday’s Extravaganza!!!
    There will be a regularly scheduled 9:30am Class with a specific WOD.
    HOWEVER, the 10:30 Class will be cancelled do to the Open House which starts promptly at 11AM…. Be there at 10:30-10:45am to warm up and so we are organized for the FUN!

  2. Congrats to the CFNT Team on a job well done with the Open! I know you are all going to do well at the Regionals and think your short term goal #2 is very attainable!
    I also want to thank Shannon for another wonderful yoga session last night! I look forward to joining you for another class very soon!