Skill, skill, skill, row?

Today’s Workout will be kind of a skill day. Rope Climbs-5 weighted pull ups (if you have pull ups) or spotted dead hangs if you are still working on pull ups. 3-3-3-3 Turkish Get ups (learning) 4-4-4-4 The fun part: 4 x 50 cal row]]>

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        1. Josh and Merritt-I admire your admiration for each other.
          But in all seriousness we really appreciate all post on here from all that stay on top of it. I know I enjoy reading them every day.

  1. Loven’ the 6am class and the new-to-me people! (even though Liz and I go way back) Learned so much today & didn’t have to run! Who knew jumping rope would require so much skill? I blame the early hour… Loved the rope climb -can’t wait to try again.
    Side note: Awesome feeling getting to work knowing what I have already accomplished for the day. Yay!

  2. Great work 6am and 9am, that row feels so much different than any other type of row.
    I worked in with Dustin at 9am.
    We each hit 5 rope climbs and one trip across the monkey bars.
    Then I worked up to a 1.5 pood KB and 25lb vest pull up. (approximately 77 total pounds for my 3x pull ups)
    We then hit the Turkish get ups, we both worked up to the 45lb barbell just to play with it.
    And finished with a 2 x 50 cals of mental battle rowing. My main goal was to be consistent in all three rows, my second goal was to be sub 2minutes, I never got the sub 2, but stayed consistent. (2:06, 2:10, 2:13)
    Need to get some more work on my overall cardio, I have let slide a little in the last few weeks.

  3. Jena-Remember when we first met? Sheesh, seems like yesterday.
    Josh-ROWING MACHINE! Web is a Brit, they have been rowing a lot longer than us Yankees.
    My rope climb is so close to being a climb, and not just a grab and stand up. I really need to commit to dead-hang pull-ups (with assistance) at every class. Putting it on the blog, makes it a commitment.
    3 rows
    Have a great weekend CFNT! Enjoy the fun tomorrow. I am expecting pics/tweets and FB updates throughout the day.

  4. what a fun skill day with new & old faces at the noon class!
    i just finished my paleo chicken salad…see you all tomorrow!

  5. Open House: For those bringing things.
    We have over 60 people RSVP’ed thus far.
    Here is a brief list of things that are being brought:
    Paleo Side Dish
    Caprese Dish
    veggies and hummus
    Paleo Chicken Salad
    Mashed Cauliflower
    Homemade Larabars
    Spinach Salad
    Paleo Brownies
    Jello Shots
    Paleo Side Dish
    REMEMBER: Not everyone eats Paleo so don’t be paranoid about bringing food or drinks that are outside of the Paleo Diet. Bring whatever you would like!
    Also, just because you didn’t RSVP doesn’t mean you can’t come. We will be cooking out and having fun all day and evening, so come hang out! Bring friends and family!

    1. I am bringing turkey, cuke, and avacodo rolls. (Paelo friendly)
      Also I noticed the jello shots…does that mean adult beverages are ok?

  6. Adam Lassetter

    I’ve already dropped off my contribution and to that if anyone would like to bring mixers for say.. Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Tequila then feel free… Of course this is in NO way paleo, but even the cave men had to have fun every once in a while.. Juss’ sayin’

    1. daaaaamn, I wish I lived within walking distance….maybe my WOD can be walking there and back….

  7. Ive come to the point in my love with Crossfit that when I’m out of town and missing a WOD I think, “Dang! That one looks fun! I hate that I’m out of town!” I’m enjoying my vacation but I feel so devoted to my love for crossfit that I’m disappointed when I see the WOD and I’m unable to participate.
    With that being said have fun tomorrow partying and WODing it up tomorrow people! I wish I could be there!

  8. 3:18, 3:28, 3:33. Turns out 50 calories was further than I thought!
    Interesting first experience with Turkish Get Ups.
    Thanks to Eric and Shannon for the assist on the pull ups and thanks to Shannon for the kipping lesson.