Meet us on Delaware and North @9am or the Canal by NCAA @6pm

WOD 21-15-9 Burpees Situps 400 M Run between sets After each rep scheme of movements you run 400M (for a total of 3 – 400 M runs). POST – Tennis Ball Mobility]]>

9 thoughts on “Meet us on Delaware and North @9am or the Canal by NCAA @6pm”

  1. 12:20
    I found out what we were doing and planned on breaking things in to sets, and then I was told my goal is to keep moving…haha, changed up my whole game plan. The burpees take a lot out of me, but that’s actually where I make up most of my time. My running is just horrible all around, from form to endurance.

  2. Time – 11:37
    The burpees are the most grueling part of this workout. They made everything else harder. I was able to make up the time I lost during the burpees in my run and did my situps at a consistent pace.

  3. Time: 8:01
    I didn’t really have a goal time set for this one. Peter did it about an hour earlier than me and I saw his times for each round so I had a general idea where I was through the workout.
    I just never stopped moving and tried to keep my burpee pace as a steady quick movement as this is the only limiting factor for me in this workout. May have been able to push each run harder but all in all, happy with the time.
    Did some pre-workout Band stretching which I absolutely loved. There will be more of that for sure and more rolling on the tennis ball too.

  4. 10:15
    Great workout. Burpees were definitely the hardest part. I also like running workouts since that’s what I’d really like to improve.

  5. Great workout! I forgot how much I loved burpees. Thanks for the reminder. The constant movement is the kicker for me.

  6. 9:55
    I’m hopping on the hate-on-burpees bandwagon! Not sure I got off the ground during the last set… All joking aside, though, it was a great, quick workout. While doing the burpees, find your zone and keep going; the rest of the circuit is cake (not chocolate, Dom.)

    1. Wasn’t that German Chocolate Cake that was requested by Dom?
      In all seriousness… Killer workout today and keep it up. Need you guys on a more consistent basis so you aren’t always sore the day after!

  7. 8:38, felt quick, definitely could have picked up the runs. Nothing really hurt on this one, I had more in me. Time to kick it up a notch.
    Great work to everyone today! You have all been making great strides. Keep working and stay out of the dark places in your mind.
    Remember while all of this is hard work, this should be something you enjoy!