Sectionals Again??? @ University Park

10 Min Amrap 15 Power Snatches/ground to over head  (75#/55#) 30 Double Unders  POST: Weighted Lunges 5×20  45#/25#     ]]>

4 thoughts on “Sectionals Again??? @ University Park”

  1. 6rds + 10 double unders. I did this back in March for the Open Competition, but for that it was Double Unders first, then snatch and got 7rds and 1 double under. I am not sure if doing in reverse made a difference or not.

  2. I believe only 3 rounds and 2 ground to overheads? Peter believes it was 4…either way, it took me some time to get back into the double unders, and I think I would have had more success if I broke my ground to over heads in to sets when I started to tire

  3. 4 Rounds + 4 Power Snatches
    I used a 33lb bar and only did 10 Double Unders per round. Still struggling to get the hang of my Double Unders but was able to string 3-4 in a row at times.