NapTown Individual Design

What is NapTown Individual Design?

The intention of the Individual Design Program is to set you up with a coach who knows your goals and your schedule. Your personal coach will send you a plan each week with exactly the classes they want you to take (when to take a fitness class, when to do a yoga flow, and when to take a rest day) and how to approach those classes (ie use a heavier weight or aim for unbroken sets in a movement etc) so you can be confident that what you are doing will help you achieve your goals. If you have been feeling a little lost, need accountability, or have no idea how to tackle these home workouts in a way that helps you reach your goals, then the ID program might just be for you!

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Coach Anna:  Tom, this week I want you to do the following: 

Monday: I want you to do 100 push ups for me broken up throughout the day.  This will keep you focused on a challenge throughout the day. Then at 6pm, I want you to take the Core Virtual Class which you can get to here: 

Tuesday: I want you to take the 5pm Weighted Virtual Class because you have two dumbbells at home and this workout will have thrusters which will challenge you with double dumbbell thrusters. The link can be found here: 

Wednesday: I want you to rest, go for a walk with your family (shake out those legs from yesterday), and be in bed, under covers, without technology by 8:45pm.  You told me sleep has been an issue lately, so this is my challenge to you. You can read a book but no technology! 

Thursday: Take the Noon Virtual Bodyweight class so you can see some of your workout partners and also because this will help you with your goal of conditioning.  It’s going to be a long bodyweight AMRAP. The link can be found here: 

Friday: I want you to take the 12pm Flow & Go which can be found here: Really focus on being present for this session.  Turn off your phone and close all of your browsers on your computer with only the Flow on the computer.  Do this for you! 

Saturday:  This will be fun! Bring your family to the 8am Virtual Bodyweight class.  This won’t be destroy you so I encourage you to have your kids join you by your side on this one.  The link can be found here:

I will check back in with you on Saturday or Sunday and we can see how this went! 

What if I want additional programming on top of the virtual classes and at home programming? 

We are also continuing our Personal Training options through the virtual platform. You can sign up for a zoom session with a coach at our standard personal training rates of $85 an hour or reach out to discuss options for personal training in the form of personal programming in addition to our regularly programmed fitness and yoga classes. Email to set up a personal training session!