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Agility Ladder Box Jump Bonanza WOD “Tabata” Wall Balls Burpees Pull Ups Air Squats Post – Light Good Mornings 3x 6-8]]>


  1. Does it count if you cannot complete some of the moves… I mean I’m totally down to do it even though I’m not that good… My fear is, let’s say for example yesterday’s WOD is one if them… I could not do 20 muscle ups.. Is there a way to legally scale the Open WOD’s?

    1. Hey Artie.
      You are correct that in the end if you can’t “RX” a certain workout that your score will not count. However, the experience alone will be amazing to just say you competed in the open.
      We will be writing an article next week on “Why You Shouldn’t Miss Registering for the Open.” (Title is still pending)

  2. WoD: 233.
    I laughed when I saw today’s workout on the board because it includes literally every movement on my suck list at the moment. It secretly made me very excited to work out this morning. I left a little frustrated though because of the pullups – not because of the fact that I can’t do very many, but because I really defeated myself mentally before I even started them. I knew as I moved to that station that I wasn’t going to do more than a couple, and sure enough, I let that become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    The mental aspect of CrossFit has really been on my mind recently. Jared C said at one point when he was talking to us about heavy lifting that it’s pretty much set whether you’re going to complete a lift based on the approach you take in setting it up and getting ready mentally before you even start lifting the barbell – and I think that’s so true about a lot of things in CrossFit – at least for me, anyway. If I just decide to get the workout or the movement done and set my intention from the get-go that I’m not going to quit, I’m usually OK. But if I come in with a defeatest attitude, I’m done before I start. I can think of SO many examples of this (being afraid to practice handstands, convincing myself I couldn’t learn certain lifting techniques, pullups, the list goes on…). Bottom line: one of my goals for this next month (beyond doing more workouts as Rx’d) is to kill my quitter attitude.

    1. Wow Leslie, I love that “kill the quitter attitude”. I agree, most of CrossFit in mental, but so is most of life. Keep focused and you will succeed. Keep up the great work!

    2. And you rocked it today Leslie. Holy Squats Batman! You smoked us!
      Great post! I had some serious mental blocks at yesterday’s workout. And had I not been at CFNaptown would have totally bailed. But getting through it, even if it take 17 minutes, makes you stronger. And having the best coaches and teammates cheering you on doesn’t hurt either.

    3. Great attitude! I find myself going through the motions because I don’t have the energy or motivation to give it my all, but I’m going to try to break through that mental block!

      1. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate having awesome teammates and coaches to get through the workouts together. Liz, you guys were so much fun during the agility ladder that it seriously made me consider trying to get back to the 6 a.m. class more often just for the sake of the running commentary.

        1. Many Thanks to Leslie P. for the insight and also igniting the BLOG finally. Keep it coming. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I check this thing about 30xs a day and so should you.
          Can’t wait til we have 50+ comments a day!!!

  3. WOD: 250
    went up a weight in wall balls (thanks peter), and did much better on my pull-ups using the blue & red bands together. progress!

  4. WOD: 250
    went up a weight in wall balls (thanks peter), and did much better on my pull-ups using the blue & red bands together. progress!

  5. Long time viewer, first time poster. Change is good and I need to write down what I did for posterity.
    WoD: 190. Ladder drill reminded me of football days of yore and woke me up pretty quickly this morning.
    Tabata: my new rallying cry

  6. WoD: 181. I actually thought I was going to cry during the pullups. My upper body was SCREAMING! Is it bad that air squats felt like a relief?
    Loved the box jump bonanza — I finally feel comfortable hopping onto the 16″ box. New goal = the 20″ box!

  7. 71-36-48-86 = 241
    wall balls felt strong with a strong focus on keeping my elbows in and catching on the way down, burpees SUCK, pull-ups felt okay and still working on when/how to kick my legs coming down, and should have pushed harder on the air squats.
    fun warm-up and workout

  8. I loved the ladder agility and box jump bonanza! It felt like volleyball/basketball practice again:) I actually think I did better on the boxes than I did back in the day.
    Tabata: 243 with 14# wall balls and no band on the pullups. I’m pretty pleased with my number. Way to go, everyone!

    1. Yes Sir.
      We will discuss the details of the Open and Team registration next Monday/Tuesday via Blog Post.
      It can be confusing and simple all at the same time.

  9. 232 reps for the WOD… 20# WallBall… I really enjoyed the Boxjump Bonanza… I felt nimbly and…….bimbly! The WOD was pretty tough but I must admit that those types of workouts are my favorite!!!

  10. 209 (10# ball, green band pull-ups)
    Frustrated with my pull-ups. In 2.5 months of crossfitting, I don’t feel like I’m seeing much improvement….could be because this was my 3rd day in a row, muscles are fatigued…but still.

  11. WoD: 196 (Green Band for pullups, 14lb wall ball). I should go up in weight on the wall balls next time. I really need to work on my burpees and pullups, both of which dragged my score down compared to wall balls and air squats.
    I was really frustrated with the agility ladder as I struggled to get my feet to move in the correct patterns. I tend to paralyze myself through over-analysis on things like that. Thanks to Moises and Jared for the extra attention to help me through it.
    I enjoyed the box jump bonanza except for the 30″ box. I WILL get it soon!

  12. So for my Tabata, i wrote down my score in my note book and cant remember what it was, so yea this post is worthless. it was 3 something. i know i am going to catch hell for this 🙂
    for the team wod “mary”
    i completed 11 rounds even. it was brutal after all the wall balls and squats we did previously.

  13. did the Wed Tabata WOD on Thursday.
    scored 305 with 16# wall balls
    Sorry I missed out on the Box Jump Bonanza.

  14. This is Eileen. Got 254 reps. Did it at the y and the pull up bar is slippery. So I had to make up the reps in the squats.