Congrats to the Gardners on being the June Member Profiles

Shannon will be hosting a Goal Setting seminar on Wednesday night at 8pm and on Thursday night at 7pm. We highly encourage all members to join us for this, it should last about 30min. More info to follow tomorrow.

It will give you a better understanding of the (I Will..BY…) boards we put up on top of the white boards.

NOW, Let’s put last weeks totals to use!

Please remember your total numbers and have them stored somewhere easy to access! The Coach’s put in a lot of hard work on the programming and knowing your numbers ahead of time will make classes run a lot more smoothly.

Today’s Workout:

Strength: Dead Lift: 5-5-5+ 60%-70%-80% 1RM (of your 1 rep max) So, you will do a few warm up sets, then hit 5 reps at 60%, then 5 more at 70%, then you will at least 5+ reps till failure at 80% of your 1 rep max Dead Lift from last week.   WOD: 22-16-10 reps of Dead lift (40% 1RM) Ring Dips Post: 20 Russian KB Swings (2.5/2)]]>

22 thoughts on “Congrats to the Gardners on being the June Member Profiles”

  1. Congrats Eric and Leslie. You guys are amazing!
    @ Mission CrossFit:
    15 min AMRAP
    10 Squat clean @ 50% of max (85lbs)
    10 burpees
    6+ 1 burpee
    I can already feel that 1 week off.

  2. Good morning all!!
    Just a friendly reminder about this weeks menu-
    Orange, honey, garlic chicken breast with a strawberry/mango salsa and vanilla/rum mashed, sweet potatoes.
    Shrimp and scallop stuffed tilapia with grilled asparagus and roasted bell peppers.

  3. 4:36 75# DL, box ring dips
    Then some serious 2pd KB swings.
    And some fun ring rows to get me stronger!

  4. WOD: 95# + ring dips w/ red band – hit 9:00 time cap w/ 7 ring dips to go.
    New goal = ring dip improvement before I move. I’m determined to start out in a new state with a dead hang pullup and some less wimpy looking ring dips.

  5. Out last week cause of traveling and great to be back.
    DL – 225, 275, 295 (5)
    WOD – 4:19; red band on ring dips

  6. 50% – 60% – 70%
    70% – 265 pounds – 6 reps
    1 rep DL max was 325 pounds

  7. WOD at 6:21…I wanted to make the dips harder so I refrained from kipping any.
    For the deadlifts, I got 12 at 325 for my last set, may use a number a bit higher for my percentages here on out.

  8. Strength and Skills
    180–210–240 DL
    WOD: 8:02
    First half, as Rx.
    Second half, red band on the rings
    Post: 2 pood

  9. Skill_DL@160# (5x), 190# (5x), 215# (5x)
    WOD: 7:57
    Ring Dips w/blue band assistance
    Special thanks to Megan for holding my wobbling elbows in on my ring dips and encouraging me through my cuss words! Holy crud ring dips and I have a tenuous relationship!
    On another note – Leslie you are moving too? I’m over this moving fad – new rule – NO ONE else is allowed to move. K? Excellent.
    Leslie, Eric – love it! Congrats guys! Y’all are such an inspiration!

    1. Yes, I jumped on the moving bandwagon. Colorado in July. I’ll miss you guys! But I hope to have lots of visitors.

  10. congrats team gardner!!!
    #132-#154-#176 (8 reps on the last set)
    WOD: 5:36
    #90 DL
    white band for first 22 ring dips, then switched to red band for remaining.