5 thoughts on “Free Class in the park!”

  1. Beautiful morning. My focus lately has just been to enjoy the workouts. Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to perform well, instead of just enjoying getting in better shape.
    Time today 9:57
    Box jumps felt great and the row was nice and steady.

  2. Time – 15:08
    I jumped up to a 20″ box jump for today and I had to put a lot more energy into my jumps but I was able to finish. My intervals for the box jumps were 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5. I need to focus on keeping my head stationary when doing the row so I can stay streamlined and not waste any extra energy by moving my head around. Overall, a good Tuesday morning workout.

  3. This workout surprised me which is what I love about it. Thought this would play to my strengths as I’m consistent on the rower but I couldn’t string box jumps together for the life of me. Need to work on my box jumps and rebounding back up.
    A humbling WOD I must say. Maybe I need to take Peter’s approach and just come out to have fun on all these workouts rather than putting so much pressure to perform at a high level. Learning everyday!
    TIME: 11:46
    Oh, we were told no more equipment on the grass in the parks! So, were coming back tonight and setting up on the pavement!
    And, the ants from yesterday left some marks.

  4. 15:33
    I am starting to get the hang of rowing and the box jumps. I didn’t have as many wasted strokes, and I am starting to find a rhythm with the box jumps. Good work out! I felt it for sure

  5. Time – 12:07 (I think)
    The limiting factor was definitely the box jumps. It was better to just push through them as much as possible since it’s hard to stop and start again. Also, strong pulls on the rowing greatly improves efficiency, as Jared and Peter have said. Overall, good one today.