4 thoughts on “Going over head”

  1. Time: 3:34 @ 95#s
    Scaled the weight because of my wrist and still not comfortable going heavy overhead yet. I could have probably gone 10 pounds heavier or so as I flew through this workout.
    NOTE: Look at your spot on the ground before you do your burpees. Doing burpees on an ant hill leads to nothing good!

  2. 6:17 @ 135lbs-Nice fast WOD today.
    I really need to work on my Hang power snatch technique. OHS felt decent, but I haven’t gone heavy in a long time.
    Superman’s were a good post, did them as TABATA

  3. 5:59 @ 95lbs.
    The burpees took more out of me than anything. Still working on my ROM as well. Took a while, but I started to feel comfortable with the bar above my head.

  4. Time – 5:14 @ 25lbs
    The burpees were definitely the hardest part. It took me a while to finally get the hang of doing the hang power snatch but eventually the bar ended up in the right place once I really put my hips into throwing the bar up there.