Friday the 13th…

Next saturday the 21st is the GLOC competition (Gorgeous Ladies of CrossFit) at CrossFit Carmel. We will be moving our class times to 9am and 10am for that day only. That is on the 21st. We encourage all of our members to go cheer on the 11 women we have competiting in the competition.

Today’s Workout

Skill: Jump Rope Technique/Double Under Technique WOD: 4 rounds 13 burpees 13 unbroken Thrusters (45/33) (2 push up penalty if you set the bar down) Post-Sled Pushes!]]>

9 thoughts on “Friday the 13th…”

  1. What a great way to start the day! Even if I do have some mysterious jump rope markings on my legs…

  2. Fun day at the gym! Noticed a few welts on people from the double unders. (ouch!) Sled pushes was a bad idea! Although it is Friday the 13th!