"Helen" – Another Benchmark Lady


This is why we log our scores and times.  Please click below to see your score from October 12th, 2011 on “Helen.”  Very excited to see the improvement on this workout for so many members.

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“Helen 3rds Run 400 meters 21 KB swings Men 1.5 pood (or 55lbs dumbbell swing)/Women 1 pood/36lbs 12 Pull-ups POST: SURPRISE!!!]]>

16 thoughts on “"Helen" – Another Benchmark Lady”

    1. I’ve been looking forward to waking up and seeing what your time would be. I was right on the money with the improvement. I guessed 4 minutes of improvement so you did even better than I expected.
      Great work Josh! No joke that I’m going to have to start chasing you down here pretty shortly!

  1. 13:30 with green band.
    To my haircut twin! Happy Birthday!
    A year older you are
    But don’t you fret
    You stronger now
    And have little regret
    From pull-ups, to cleans
    And come on with that snatch
    You’re quite the machine
    Jared’s so met his match
    So Happy Birthday to you!
    Enjoy some some non-paleo beer
    From the 6AM crew
    This is your official BIRTHDAY CHEER!!!!!!

    1. two favorite lines:
      you stronger now
      come on with that snatch
      and you were 13:05 , I think. take those 25 sec back

  2. 11:16 with a #20 vest
    I would be interested to see what I would have done without the vest but it was a good challenge

  3. 14:18 with 1 pood Kb and blue band (and a boost by Cantrell there at the end on the pull ups). I thought I was going to pass out after the fifth butcher sled push post WOD. Great WOD!

  4. I really wish I could have been here back in October to compare my time today. I’ll guess I’ll have to visit this one again in a couple of months.
    10:00 with 1 pood and 6 strict pull-ups
    I then volunteered to do 5 more butcher pushes with 30 second rest in between reps after doing the first 5 pushes with Eric and Josh. Thanks Coach Jared!

    1. Loved it Dan…
      You said it best during the workout. The only way to get better, faster, and stronger is to do the work!!! great effort today!