March Member Profile: Artie Stevens

Go to the “About” tab on the front page of and click on “Monthly Member Profile” to learn more.   Skill Box Jump Technique 10 AMRAP 30 Seconds On: 30 Seconds Off   WOD 7 Rounds 5 HSPU 7 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 30 Double Unders POST:  Calf Mobility Stretch]]>

17 thoughts on “March Member Profile: Artie Stevens”

  1. Great 6AM class today! Who knew doing a ton of box jumps before a WOD could be so fun!
    WOD: 12:36 while doing HSPUs with a 25# plate and doing 15 tuck jumps instead of double unders (I tried to do 15 DU’s but it was slowing me way down).
    Scale appropriately! This one is a killer if your HSPU and Double Under form is a little lacking (like myself).
    Had to clear a lot of whiteboards today…I wonder if the secret midnight class doesn’t know how to clean!

  2. I learned a few things this morning…
    1-Phil Collins’ sweet voice is the best way to start a WOD
    2-I completely forgot how to jump rope
    3-Counting, even with a wipe board can be difficult
    Box jump skill was amazing. I am a box jumping machine, if my nose running doesn’t get in the way.
    Finished in 14:30, but totally had an extra minute on there trying to figure out if I did 7 or 8 rounds. Yea, it was 6AM alright.

  3. WOD scaled to:
    3 HSPU with ab mat only
    7 PC with 75#s (still working on form)
    15 D/Us

  4. those box jumps were fun…until i tried to WALK after them. i majorly scaled my WOD as my DUs are garbage & need lots of work & my calves felt like they might fall off.
    WOD scaled to:
    5 HSPU w/ #15 plate
    7 PC @ #53
    30 single-unders (attempting double-unders the whole time)

  5. Good share Artie! You have been a great influence on me and my coming to Crossfit! Your culinary creations: “Paleo Pickings” (“PP” for short)…I am awaiting your pre-made dinner delicicies to pick up after a workout!

  6. Intro_box jump technique. I have a tendency to hover after jumping down from the box so today’s skill work was really helpful in getting a faster transition in the movement.
    WOD_FAIL- DNF within the 15 min time cap. (16:23)
    7 HSPU with ab mat and plate (why 7 you ask- because I thought that was the rep number, so FAIL again for me)
    7 PC @53# (should have done 65#)
    30 DU – my inability to get this move and my extraordinary ability to scar my right arm with the rope make me so frustrated every time this skill shows up in a WOD. I need to put in some time practicing this before I go crazy.

  7. 6:17 on the wod sort of rx’ed…kipping hspu to abmat with #25 plates on the side
    9:33 on the torturous sprint 60 yds with an empty butcher rest :30 (not long enough) for 10 rounds wod
    can’t wait to try some more of your paleo creations Artie!!

  8. Artie- wonderful video profile! I am so glad that you and Erica are part of the community at CFNT!
    And of course I look forward to your introduction of on-the-go paleo meals!

  9. Great stuff Artie! My mom spent a number of years with the Care Center & Wheeler Mission for Woman & Children as an Assistant to the Director. I feel a connection and similarity of faith and commitment that she lives her life by, with those of you that do the same everyday, bettering the lives of others. Very inspirational.
    13:30 w/ 25lb plate & Ab Mat

  10. Thanks guys! It’s great to be a part of this awesome community! Thanks again Jared, Peter, Martin and Jared C for pushing me when I’m ready to stop!!!
    I’m excited to start cooking for you guys! It’s by far my best skill set…(other than mixing records which is current on hold for awhile.)

  11. wod 6:53, box jumps between 28-31 each round.
    Great work everone today (as always) we love seeing people achieve new things , hspu’s, high volume box jumps etc… It is amazing to watch. You all have unique inspirational stories that make this community amazing!

  12. Great video Artie!
    Box jumps – between 18-20 each round.
    WOD – 11:16
    w/ 45# plate and ab mat for HSPU, 65# hang power cleans and double unders scaled to 15.
    Hang power clean form showed some improvement – landed on my heels more. Thanks for the help Jared!

  13. Box jumps – between 21-31 each round. Weird that I started at 21 and ended at 31. Clearly need to work on the consistency, but was happy that I ended on a higher number than I started.
    WOD: 14:50. HSPU scaled to 24 in. box, #53 hang power cleans (I horrified Jared with my form, but plan to work on it), DUs scaled to 15. The DUs were definitely a sticking point.

  14. Box jumps: between 17 and 21 each round
    WOD: 14:10 modified with HSPUs off a 20″ box, hang cleans with 33# (tossed the extra weight after 2 rounds), and 15 tuck jumps instead of DUs.
    I still think I may have inadvertently skipped a round in there — should’ve used a whiteboard after all!

  15. Box jumps: Total 227; surprisingly more the latter 5 rounds than the first 5 rounds
    WOD: 15:07 heavily modified. HSPUs off a 16″box, hang cleans with 43#s (I probably should have made it 53#s) and then 90 single jump ropes each round instead of DUs.
    In warm-up I did my actual FIRST DU ever! (I have NO ups and had almost settled that I was destined to never even get 1! – then started the WOD thinking I would do 5 DUs each round but couldn’t get them again — next time!)
    Artie GREAT video!!!

  16. wod: 15:00 at the YMCA.
    did hspu with the equivalent of an abmat and a 10lb plate stacked, the other was RX’ed. those double unders were eating my time away. one round i would get 30 in a row, the next fighting to get 5 in a row. why is this?? fatigue i guess, and a little mental toughness as well.
    did the box jump 10 min with a friend, it was fun. i got around 12-18 a round. i would have liked to get some training and tips before i did them