How to properly tape your hands…

Labor Day Hours 9am-11am open gym, no schedule class, come in and complete a HERO WOD, gym closes at 11am. We hear it all the time around the gym, how do you tape your hands? Well a quick Google search turned up many video’s, but this one had some great detail. Unfortunately we do not carry extra tape as of now, but we might start selling some soon.

Today’s Workout:

HSPU technique 3-3-3 Dead Lift WOD 5 rounds 10 Dead Lifts (2x body weight) 10 Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU)]]>

13 thoughts on “How to properly tape your hands…”

  1. DLs at 275 lbs (1.57x 175 lb body weight)
    no scaling on HSPU
    i completed 4 rounds plus 3 or 5 DLs, then i had to leave (it was around 20 or 22 mins? into the workout)
    fun class with Jared and Butch.

  2. here is the non-You Tube version of a similar tape grip (but the you tube version explains things a little better)
    i had already made up a set before yesterday’s workout. after the first set of 15 pull ups, i could feel my callouses moving around, so i put them on. they worked well and were comfortable. no tearing.

  3. Completely under-shot this workout… damn.
    185lbs @ 12:27
    I should have went for 200/205 lbs and removed the 45 lb plate for HSPU’s.
    Boo on me!

  4. 25:11 (I went just over the limit)
    1st round at 275# rest at 255# for dead lifts. HSPU were just barely a bend in my arm for 3.5 rounds, these got deeper each round as my form got better. Last 1.5 rounds were done from a box.

  5. Awesome workout! I made this one up tonight at the fitness center. rxd at 345 on DL. Still need some work on the HSPUs but it wasn’t the best location. The entire gym has mirrors so I had to improvise and do these in the locker room. Time 22:19

  6. Jason from Florida

    Did this today in Tallahassee. Couldn’t RX with 320 weight but did manage to do it with 285. Time was 21:14