Online Paleo Challenge

Today’s Workout


Press 5×5 (*staying at the same weight)

5 Rounds for time 400m run 5 muscle ups—(sub 3 chest to bar pull ups/3 hand release push ups. for every 1 muscle up)


Disclaimer, this is online and we are just passing it along. We are not 100% sure on how this exactly works, but many of you seem to be itching for some paleo madness.

(We have registered as a participating affiliate.  There is a $50 Entry Fee or a discounted rate if you sign up for Lurong Living ***which is some natural deer antler nutritional supplement***… just FYI..)

It may be worth the gamble for those of you who need the extra motivation.  Who’s In?

We plan on hosting our next gym Paleo Challenge in late October. Please let us know if you have any questions.

About the Challenge

LuRong Living has organized the 1st Nationwide Paleo Challenge of its kind! This Challenge is designed to be a catalyst for Life Transformation where All Levels of CrossFitters can improve their lives and WIN! Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter who is looking to improve performance or a new CrossFitter looking for body transformation, the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge can help you Look Better, Feel Better, Improve your Performance, and Increase your Energy for everyday living! The Challenge is open to all active members of a CrossFit Affiliate and runs for 9 weeks from September 17, 2012 to November 16, 2012.  Everyone who completes all 3 Benchmark WOD’s during the first 2 weeks of the Challenge will receive the Sponsor Prize Package with an approximate retail value greater than $85.  There will be Weekly Performance Prizes given to the 20 top weekly performers during 6 weeks of the Challenge as well as additional fun weekly prize giveaways for Challenge community participation and interaction.  See the Official Rules for details.  At the end of the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge, Individual Champions for each division will be crowned and take home a Performance Outfitting Package with an approximate retail value greater than $1,000. See the Official Rules for details.  The Challenge is not just for individuals. The CrossFit Affiliate Team with the highest average score (minimum 20 contestants) will take home the Affiliate Grand Prize: $50,000 Gym Makeover Package. The Challenge will benefit not only the participating individuals and CrossFit Affiliates, but also our charity partners, Steve’s Club and the Claudio Reyna Foundation who are directly impacting the next generation of youth in America and the world. LuRong Living will donate $1 out of each entry fee received to each of these charities. See the Charities.  

15 thoughts on “Online Paleo Challenge”

  1. 27:24 sub’d pu and push ups. Today I made it through 4 sets of pull ups without band assistance. On the last set of in my 4th set I tore up my hands.
    Peter wisely suggested doing ring pull ups on the 5th set. Thank you Peter for the advice here!

  2. Started at 95 for the press than increased to 105 on the final round failed on the final rep
    Within the 22 minute time cap 4 rounds plus 1 run. Brutal WOD especially on my now ripped hand.

  3. 95 5×5 press
    21:43 doing the hand raise push ups and pulls ups. First time with no band. Didn’t quite get chest to the bar on some.

  4. 105 on the press… Failed at 3 the last round!
    WOD-DNF in the 22 Min time cap… Went on my last run, came back and just did the push ups cuz my hands were torn!

  5. Just want to say congrats to the 7 pm class you all worked your butts of tonight very proud of all of you !

  6. 65# on the push press
    Got through 4 rounds and 1 run in the 25min cap (subbing push-ups and BLUE (woot woot) band pull-ups)
    Ran out of time and then finished after the time cap – so we’ll go with an estimate of 28mins
    GREAT JOB 7pm! Awesome to see so many new faces to the 7pm gang!