Start of the strength cycle

Back Squat Intermediate – 4×6 @ 75% Advanced – 5×5 @ 84% WOD “Jackie” 1000m row 50 thrusters (45/33) 30 pull ups Post- 3-3-3 Weighted Push Ups Please post times and weight to comments of the blog.]]>

16 thoughts on “Start of the strength cycle”

  1. Squat at 245lbs. Only got 3 reps in the last set.
    wod 7:56. need to remind myself the thruster is only 45lbs and I can keep going.
    Pullups need to be a focus of mine for the near future working through WODs

  2. 11:07
    Banged out 20 thrusters before my entire body stopped working. Slogged through a set of 10 then 5’s to finish it.
    Pull ups with green AND blue bands. Still struggled.

  3. squats: 295 was 85% 5×5 (advanced), got all reps on first 3 rounds then moved to 275 on last two and got all reps but barely.
    jackie 7:00 as rx’d
    weighted push ups:
    135, 135, 180 (only 1 rep completed)

    1. Try not to think of the long term picture. Let’s just take care of things we can now and it will all come together. Great job! Keep it up.

  4. did 255lbs on my squats 4×6…it was not fun. I was actually getting a little light headed on my last reps.
    WOD 15:25
    Squats before had an affect on my transition from the rowing to thrusters…my legs were not feeling good. Good work out though

  5. One day late, but took part in the “Jackie” workout tonight.
    Not too successful, but a good stepping stone in my intro to crossfit. Time: 14:48
    Pull-ups are my weakness!
    *Peter- I will work on my blog posting too!

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