CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/31/18 to 8/5/18

Monday: Basic strength work to get the day going, building across all sets just like the start of last week but today with squatting and lower reps. We will do a fun triplet to get the heart rate up for part 2 of the day with some gymnastics and unilateral squatting to challenge your midline. Tuesday: Starting our Tuesday off with accessory work focusing on glute activation, mobility, and explosiveness. We will finish the day with a cardio twist on a classic girl wod. Wednesday: Your hump day will start out with a challenging EMOM pairing a tough gymnastics skill with a heavier weightlifting movement. The second portion of your day will be sprint repeats with large rest intervals to keep your intensity high for each attempt. Thursday: Today will be incredibly challenging. There is only one piece today with body weight movements to get started and finishing with a moderate barbell for each interval. What makes this day challenging is the time expectations and minimal rest between intervals. Come ready to battle and find that uncomfortable pace that you can hold for a while. As a treat, we will finish with plenty of mobility after the workout! Friday: Another EMOM to begin today, this time incorporating the jump rope with your barbell. This piece will be the main focus of the day but we will close out your week with a quick sprint like body weight workout as well. Saturday: Getting in more partner time over the weekend with my prediction for one of the team events at the CrossFit shames. I was wrong, BUT it is still going to be a great workout for you and a friend!]]>