CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/23/18 to 7/29/18

Monday: Basic strength work to get the day going, building across all sets. We will get more pressing work in to close out the day with a lovely CrossFit couplet. Tuesday: Getting our day started with a strength EMOM  working your grip and posterior chain. You will finish out your workout with a heavy Olympic lift, gymnastics, and some cardio for a fun triplet! Wednesday: Time for a cardio time trial! We will get the day started there before finishing our with a rotating EMOM of gymnastics skills. Thursday: More strength work to start the day, this time with a squat variation. After some heavier barbell work, we will strip down to an empty bar for a light weight Tabata piece. Friday: After a few shorter workouts to begin the week, we will close the week off with a long AMRAP with lots of running and gymnastics sprinkled in the middle  wear your running shoes and tall socks for the rope! Saturday: Spending our weekend with some new equipment and strongman work in an interval format.]]>