CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 8/6/18 to 8/12/18

Monday: Starting our week off with Olympic lifting work, focusing today on the jerk. We will close the day out with an interval workout with the opportunity to put what you practiced in part one to the test. Tuesday: Lots of skill work to begin the day before moving into a fast and furious body weight workout with a jump rope but in and buy out. Wednesday: Your hump day will begin with pulling a heavy barbell, working as heavy as possible for strength building. We will switch over to a very light barbell for your workout piece. Thursday: We will start our Thursday off with focused shoulder work, dividing our attention between activation and stability. Capping the day off with a longer AMRAP with some gymnastics and kettlebell work. Friday: Today is an absolute recovery day for what we have planned on Saturday. If you know that you are not coming in on Saturday, then you can push today a little harder. If you know you plan on taking class Saturday, then truly use this as an active recovery day. Saturday: We are hitting it hard to close the week of with a series of benchmarks back to back to back. Come fueled and ready to work!]]>