CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/36/18 – 4/1/18

Monday: starting our week off with a long chipper full of jumping, squatting, pulling, pushing, and everything in between! Have fun getting your sweat on to start the week off. Tuesday: we will be working with kettle bells today by upping the ante with two bells instead of one! We will be working these in the form of an AMRAP with a focus on technique work rather than getting tons of reps. You will be dropping back down to one bell for a quick workout to finish the day out. Wednesday: we are getting our sprint on today. Get ready to row hard with long rest periods to keep our intensity high. Thursday: you will be starting the day off with every bro’s favorite strength piece. After that, you will work through a 12:00 triplet of simple but effective movements to keep you moving the whole time. Friday: NapTown is saying goodbye to one of our oldest and most loyal members this week, Bryan Barnard. He crafted today’s workout from some of his favorite movements and will be taking his last noon class today with us. Saturday: this workout will only be done at Monon today. Working in groups of 3 for a longer AMRAP with one pacer and two athletes working through max reps of some bodyweight work and strong man fun!]]>